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Rubber Flooring Least Expensive Over 15 Years

A Florida Hospital (Orlando) fifteen year life-cycle study of VCT, sheet vinyl, carpet and rubber clearly documented that the lowest initial cost hard surface floor, VCT, was the most expensive floor over time when replacement, maintenance and cleaning costs are considered. This 1999 study by Suzanne R. Barnes, AIA, CFM, consultant and former Assistant Director of Design (Florida Hospital-Office of Design) included 1,000 sq. ft. of each surface installed in the hospital’s pediatric unit. Rubber proved the least expensive when cleaning, maintenance and replacement costs were totaled after fifteen years of use.

Rubber was half the cost to clean/maintain than the other hard surfaces requiring finish, since it is a product that does not scratch or mar easily. Rubber does not require use of expensive finishes or as much maintenance as the other floor surfaces.


 Total Cost of Flooring

Studies have proven that rubber flooring is the least expensive flooring alternative over time - saving a facility more than $30 per square foot over a 15-year preriod.

Product Studied Cost to clean/maintain 1,000 sq/ft over 15 years
Rubber 2 times initial installed cost
Carpet 4 times initial installed cost
VCT 6 times initial installed cost
Sheet Vinyl 7 times initial installed cost

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