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Why R.C.A. Rubber?
  • Most Comprehensive Line in the Industry
  • Proven Longevity
  • Easy to Maintain
Why R.C.A. Rubber Flooring Products

About R.C.A. Rubber - Innovation


A pioneer in rubber flooring product design and development, R.C.A. transit industry firsts include:

  • Transit-Flor® PGF premium-grade rubber ribbed or smooth flooring with a top-to-bottom wear surface.
  • Slip-resistant rubber entrance plates. R.C.A. has the largest selection of entrance tread plate molds in the industry.
  • Apex Step™ Treads. The large cone-shaped nub design provides extra foot traction and easy cleaning.
  • Talon Tread™. An innovative abrasive strip insert in this step tread provides extra passenger boarding and discharge safety.

Rubber Floor Innovators


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