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Why R.C.A. Rubber Flooring Products

Products - Transit Lightweight Rubber Flooring

Transit-FlorŪ LGF expands on the durability, comfort, and safety of our Transit-FlorŪ PGF line while achieving a weight reduction of over 40%. Until now the only products available to the transit industry in this weight class were vinyl (plastic). Unfortunately vinyl products typically have a thin laminated wear surface, are harsh to walk on, difficult to clean, and have poor sound absorption properties. Transit-FlorŪ LGF has a 100% top-to-bottom wear surface for unmatched durability and product lifespan. Passengers will appreciate the underfoot comfort and reduced road/engine noise only rubber can provide.

Transit-FlorŪ LGF incorporates the use of recycled materials and renewable resources, making it the environmentally friendly "green" flooring solution. Our products contain no asbestos, heavy metals, halogens or ozone depleting chemicals found in other flooring products.

Available in Rib, Smooth, & Stair Treads

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