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Product Maintenance

Cleaning Instructions:

It’s simple, easy and time saving.

Vacuum debris.
Use a non-ionic detergent cleaner. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedure.
Vacuum, mop or squeeze the detergent solution from the floor before rinsing the surface with a solution of 10% liquid chlorine bleach (or equivalent) in warm water.

Stain Removal:

Successful stain removal requires using a cleaner with chemistry that is similar to the staining agent.

If you know what caused the stain, it is easier to choose the appropriate cleaner.

Always follow label directions. It is important to allow the cleaner to do most of the work by providing sufficient time to react with the stain before neutralizing (if needed) and rinsing. Some stains may require more than one application.

The following “Name Brand” products are ones we have successfully used.  However, your supplier may have a chemically similar product that will work on a given stain. But, before using cleaning products other than those listed below, always test the product on a sample of the floor to be sure it will not damage the rubber flooring. Also, always be sure to try plain, warm water on any stain before using any cleaners.

Note: When two (or more) methods are suggested, always try them in the order listed.

Product identifier :
“409” Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner. Available at grocery stores.
“Profi” A non-ionic cleaner from Lever Industrial Co., North Charleston, SC.
Phone: 800-827-5487. (Other non-ionic cleaners include “Woolite” and many dishwashing liquids).

“Zud” Zud Cleaner. The active ingredient is oxalic acid. Available at grocery stores.
“De-Solv-It” A spot remover made by Orange-Sol, Inc., Gilbert, AZ Phone: 800-877-7771

Stain Remover Special Instructions
Ball point pen ink #1 409 Follow label directions
  #2 Hair spray Spray on stain. Wipe off in one minute. Ink should “bleed” as soon as sprayed. Clean area with 409.
Black heel marks #1 409 Follow label directions
Chewing gum #1 409 Allow to soak and soften gum. When soft, remove with scraper. May require repeat action.
  #2 De-Solv-It Follow label directions.
Crayon #1 Profi Follow label directions.
Iodine & similar #1 Sodium Thiosulfate Available from pharmacies in crystal form. Mix with water, 10-20% by weight. Wet stain with solution; wipe or mop floor, rinse with clean water. NOTE: More severe stains may require scrubbing with solution, or even allowing the solution to remain on the floor 30-45 min. and rinse. May require more than one application.
Kool-Aid (Cherry) #1 Hydrogen Peroxide & Isopropyl Alcohol Mix half-and-half. Apply to stain and scrub. Allow to stand 2-3 min. and rinse. May need to repeat.
Mustard. Catsup. Coffee, Tea #1 409 Follow label directions
Paper glue  (Elmer’s) #1 Profi Follow label directions
Water-based paint. Or, Tempera #1 409 Plain water will tend to dilute the stain and spread it rather than remove it.
Rust #1 Zud Plain water will tend to dilute the stain and spread it rather than remove it.
Urine #1 White toothpaste Rub on stain. Let stand 10-15 min. Rinse with clear water.
Tar/Asphalt #1 De-Solv-It Follow label directions. Prompt removal important as these are petroleum based stains.
  #2 409  
Unknown stains. #1 Warm water Follow label directions
  #2 409 Follow label directions
  #3 Profi Follow label directions
  #4 Clorox Follow label directions
  #5 De-Solv-It Follow label directions
  #6 Stripper Follow label directions
      NOTE: Closely watch for any changes in the stain as you go step-by-step. This information could help determine the best removal method.
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